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6 lbs = _____oz
a) 1
b) 32
c) 66
d) 96

How many inches are in a yard?
a) 12 inches
b) 36 inches
c) 34 inches
d) 20 inches

9 ft = ______yd
a) 3
b) 30
c) 27
d) 18

Mr. Jones bought 96 ounces of hamburger meat. How many pounds of meat did he buy?
a) 3 pounds
b) 12 pounds
c) 8 pounds
d) 6 pounds

A container of sour cream has 16 ounces in it. Which of the following is another measurement for the same amount of sour cream?
a) 2 pounds
b) 4 quarts
c) 8 cups
d) 1 pint

1 foot = ______inches
a) 12 inches
b) 16 inches
c) 18 inches
d) 24 inches

1 meter = ________inches
a) 24
b) 36
c) 39
d) 42

_______ quarts = 1 gallon
a) 8
b) 4
c) 2
d) 10

Maggie's pet mouse is 80 millimeters long. How many centimeters long is Maggie's mouse?
a) 4 cm
b) 8 cm
c) 40 cm
d) 800 cm

Jerri bought 80 oz. of fruit. How many pounds of fruit did she buy?
a) 5 lb.
b) 8 lb.
c) 10 lb.
d) 20 lb.

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