CAH Chapter 3 And 4 Question Preview (ID: 16669)

Early Colonization.

The Mayflower Compact was
a) a written agreement to put the nobility in charge in New Plymouth
b) a written agreement that established rule by majority vote
c) a written agreement that guaranteed freedom of religion for all members of the colony
d) a written agreement that provided for a dictatorship

The Spanish Armada was
a) a Spanish army that invaded England
b) a group of Spanish ships that attacked England
c) a group of Spanish ships that attacked the English colonies
d) a Spanish army that invaded New York

The colony of New York was created when
a) the English took over New Netherland
b) the French took over Quebec
c) the Dutch took over New Sweden
d) the Spanish took over St. Augustine

Jamestown became successful when
a) they found gold
b) they started to grow rice and indigo
c) they began to export (ship out of the colony) tobacco
d) Pocahontas married John Rolfe

The London Company that started Jamestown was a joint stock compnay. This means that
a) the company was made up of several different departments
b) the company was made up of investors who allowned a part of the company and wanted to make a profit
c) the company was made up of many employees who shared in the profits of the the company
d) the company was a non-proft company, or one that does not want to make money

Roanoke Colony failed because
a) Sir Walter Raleigh was not committed to making the colony work.
b) their settlement was located near a swamp
c) England's war with Spain prevented supplies from reaching the colony
d) their tobacco crop failed

The King of England did not like the Quakers because
a) they would not pay their taxes
b) they would not swear loyalty to the King
c) they were poor
d) they broke too many laws

The King of England gave William Penn land in the New World because
a) Penn was a military hero
b) Penn would provide a good role model for the Native Indians
c) Penn would only allow Quakers to live there
d) Penn had lent him money

Pennsylavania was a successful colony because
a) it allowed religious freedom for the colonists
b) Penn sold land to farmers at a high price
c) Penn killed many Indians
d) most people wanted to become Quakers

All of the following were American products sent to the Old World on the Columbian Exchange EXCEPT
a) corn
b) potatoes
c) tobacco
d) rats

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