Trimester 1 Final Question Preview (ID: 16664)

Part C.

Which particles make up atoms?
a) protons, neutron, electrons
b) protons, electrons, nuclei
c) electrons, neutrons, ions
d) neutrons, electrons, molecules

Which of the following is an element?
a) water
b) hydrogen
c) air
d) carbon dioxide

Isotopes are atoms of an element
a) with the same number of electrons but different numbers of protons
b) that are radioactive
c) with a magnetic charge
d) with the same nubmer of protons but different number of neutrons

Crystallization from cooling magma describes a way that
a) atoms bond
b) ions combine
c) protons attract electrons
d) minerals form

Which of these is a mineral?
a) oxygen
b) diamond
c) sulfuric acid
d) wood

If a mineral breaks along flat or even surfaces, it has
a) luster
b) fracture
c) cleavage
d) streak

Which of the following is NOT a distinctive property of minerals?
a) greasy feel
b) magnetism
c) double refraction
d) streak

Mohs scale measures
a) density of a mineral
b) a minerals hardness
c) a luster of a mineral
d) s mineral's type of crystalline stucture

Diamond is
a) the hardest mineral on the Mohs scale
b) a nonmetallic element
c) the only mineral with luster
d) an isotope of silicon

Metamorphic rock forms as a resut of
a) heat and pressure
b) the cooling of magma
c) compaction of sediments
d) the melting of rock

Fossils are found only in
a) intrusive igneous rocks
b) extrusive igneous rocks
c) sedimentary rocks
d) metamorphic rocks

What is a naturally occuuing, inorganic solid with an orderly crystalline structure and a definite chemical composition?
a) a mineral
b) an element
c) an isotope
d) a compound

What type of sedimentary rock is formed from weathered particles of rocks and minerals?
a) clastic sedimentary
b) biochemical sedimentary rock
c) chemical sedimentary rock
d) intrusive sedimentary rock

The primary agent of contact metamorphism is
a) flowing water
b) heat
c) extreme pressure
d) weathering

Which is not a state of matter
a) gas
b) air
c) liquid
d) solid

Which is a definition of a homogeneous mixture?
a) constant composition
b) mixtures with indefinite compositions
c) mixture with candy
d) type of musical group

Which of the following is an example of chemical change?
a) any change that alters the form or appearance of matter, but doesnt make any substances into a different substance
b) a change in matter that produces one or more new substances
c) what occurs when the periodic table creates new matter
d) what all protons, neutrons, and electrons are made out of

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