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What ruined Wilbur's plans for the day?
a) the goose
b) cold weather
c) rain
d) Templeton

Why wouldn't the lamb play with Wilbur?
a) he had work to do
b) he didn't play with pigs
c) he was too tired
d) he didn't want to play the games Wilbur wanted to

Approximately how long does it take to hatch an egg?
a) Six months
b) a day
c) one week
d) 30 days

How many eggs did the goose have that hatched?
a) 3
b) 8
c) 5
d) 7

According to Charlotte, why was it so important that spiders existed?
a) to catch bugs and make more of them
b) if spiders didn't catch and eat bugs, then the bugs would increase and destroy the Earth
c) they make pretty webs
d) they are good friends to everyone.

What strange item did Templeton add to his collection?
a) an egg
b) a comb
c) some banana peelings
d) a necklace

Wilbur threatened to tear Templeton apart if he hurt any of the goslings.
a) True
b) False

Why were some of the animals upset when Wilbur was trying to find his new friend?
a) They didn't like Wilbur speaking to them.
b) Wilbur was asking the same questions over and over to the same people.
c) They were playing a joke on Wilbur.
d) It was very early in the morning.

What are the Zuckermans planning on doing to Wilbur come Christmas time?
a) sell him
b) give him back to Fern
c) kill him
d) put him out in the field

What was the first thing that Wilbur saw Charlotte eat?
a) a gnat
b) a fly
c) a moth
d) a butterfly

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