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Which route did Zheng He take to India?
a) By land west along the Silk Road
b) By sea south and west along the coast of Africa
c) By sea east across the Pacific Ocean
d) By land south across the Himalaya Mountains

Which of the following is NOT true of Zheng He's voyages?
a) He battled pirates
b) He sailed to Africa
c) He impressed other countries with China's huge fleet
d) He was named Admiral of the Southern Ocean

Which route did the Portuguese take to the Indies?
a) south around Africa
b) along the Silk road
c) west across the Atlantic Ocean
d) northwest across the Atlantic Ocean

When Columbus and Cabot reached the America's, where did they think they were?
a) Africa
b) the Indies
c) a previously unknown land
d) Australia

Which of the following is true about the Inca civilization?
a) It had an empire in Mexico
b) It developed an accurate calendar
c) It was part of the Triple Alliance
d) Built an extensive network of roads and extension bridges

Both the Inca and the Aztec did which of the following?
a) sacrificed humans to the gods
b) built floating gardens to grow food
c) were great architects
d) grew in South America

When Cortes learned of the riches of the Aztec, he wanted to?
a) explore the region
b) conquer the Aztec
c) trade with the Aztec and other natives
d) rescue Christian prisoners

Which of the following is true about the fall of the Aztec Empire?
a) It was conquered in 1521
b) It took over a hundred years
c) Tenochtitlan was preserved
d) Fewer than 5000 Aztec died

Which of the following is NOT a continent?
a) Australia
b) New Jersey
c) South America
d) Europe

What country suffered a devastating Typhoon?
a) Phillipines
b) China
c) Japan
d) Cuba

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