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Which of the following is something the Old World got from the New World because of the Columbian Exchange?
a) wheat
b) potatoes
c) rice
d) horses

The horse was one of the animals Europeans brought to the New World. How did the horse affect the Native Americans?
a) The horses became an important source of food
b) Native Americans had a new form of transportation
c) The horses destroyed many Native American farms
d) Many native animals lost their habitats

Which of the following is one way in which the European economy was impacted by the Columbian Exchange?
a) Many European crops were destroyed by diseases brought from North and South America
b) Europeans became more self-sufficient and traded less with other parts of the world
c) As new crops were introduced in Europe, food production increased
d) The European economy weakened because of the amount of money spent on imported goods

Which of the following explains the result the Columbian Exchange had on many Native Americans living in North and South America?
a) Native Americans started growing corn
b) Native Americans gave livestock to Europe
c) Native Americans died because of diseases
d) Native Americans began using tobacco

How did the Columbian Exchange impact people living in Europe and in the Western Hemisphere?
a) People in both places were introduced to new crops and animals
b) People across Europe began practicing Native American religions
c) Many Europeans were enslaved and taken to North and South America
d) Millions of Native Americans moved to Europe and assimilated into European society

Which of the following is an example of a cultural change that occurred due to interaction between the Europeans and the Native Americans?
a) People in Europe began dressing like Native Americans
b) European missionaries introduced Christianity to the Native Americans
c) European schools started teaching Native American languages
d) Native American architectural styles became quite popular in Europe

How did the astrolabe help European explorers?
a) It enabled explorers to determine their position
b) It was an instrument used to show a ship's speed
c) It was an atlas containing detailed maps of all known lands
d) It allowed sailors to steer their ships better

What two inventions had the necessary technology to make sea exploration possible in the 1400s?
a) the globe and the telescope
b) the telegraph and better ships
c) the scientific method and maps
d) the astrolabe and the compass

What role did the Spanish conquistadors play in establishing colonies in North and South America?
a) They held elections, and the Spanish leader was chosen as proprietary governor
b) They negotiated treaties with native rulers in order to take control of the land
c) They used the military to defeat the native population
d) They acquired land by purchasing it from the native rulers

Which navigational tool allowed sailors to measure their latitude reliably from the sea?
a) sextant
b) sounding line
c) telescope
d) compass

What was the effect of Vasco da Gama's voyage to India in 1498?
a) Portugal ended all sea voyages because of the expense
b) Portugal began trading directly India
c) Portugal and Spain agreed to share ownership of overseas territories
d) Portugal was invaded by the Indian army

Which of these was a way that cartography contributed to European explorations of the Americas?
a) European maps began using keys and scales for the first time
b) European maps began to use Native American mapping techniques
c) European maps became inexpensive and available to more people
d) European maps became geographically more accurate and reliable

What was the significance of Ferdinand Magellan's voyage which began in 1519?
a) It was the first European voyage to sail around the Cape of Good Hope in Africa
b) It was the first European voyage to reach Australia and New Zealand
c) It was the first voyage to sail through the Northwest Passage
d) It was the first voyage to circumnavigate, or sail around, the globe

When Columbus and Cabot reached the Americas, where did they think they were?
a) the Indies
b) Africa
c) Australia
d) a previously unknown land

What was the effect of Christopher Columbus' discovery of the West Indies in 1492?
a) Spain eventually gained control over all of North and South America
b) The native people began sailing across the Atlantic to trade with Europe
c) Other European countries sent explorers to claim land in the New World
d) Europe decided to isolate itself from the rest of the world

One of the results of the contact between the Europeans and the Native Americans was the spread of disease. Which of the following statements best describes the effect disease had on European and Native American populations?
a) Many Europeans who came to North and South America died from Native American diseases
b) Europeans and Native Americans were equally affected by outbreaks of disease in the New World
c) Native American populations were decimated by diseases that had been brought by the Europeans
d) The population in Europe drastically declined due to exposure to Native American diseases

Many people living in North and South American today speak European languages. Spanish is spoken in places like Mexico, Columbia, and Venezuela, and Portuguese is spoken in Brazil. This is an example of how
a) all people who speak the same language have the same political beliefs
b) European culture has influenced culture in North and South America
c) people who speak the same language have the same standard of living
d) people in North and South America are still under the control of European nations

What was one of the political effects of the European discovery of the New World?
a) The Europeans established democratic forms of government throughout the New World
b) Countries in Europe became more stable politically
c) Europe's political power diminished as North and South America became a world superpower
d) Most of North and South America eventually became colonized by European countries

Improved technology in ship building made sailing easier for Europeans. One of the many improvements was the use of triangular sails. Which of the following best explains how triangular sails improved sailing?
a) Ships could travel further distances
b) Ships could cost less money to build
c) Ships could make turns more sharply
d) Ships could sail against the wind

How did the rise of nation-states make sea exploration possible?
a) To be a country, nation-states must send out explorers
b) Nations sent explorers to get glory, land, and riches
c) New kings wanted their people to live in other lands
d) The riches from exploration paid for the new nations

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