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The title of the text is The Great Fire; in the first sentence, what words does Murphy use to hint at the tragedy to come?
a) Peg leg went to visit the O'learys.
b) The evening is “unusually warm” and the house is described as “stifling.”
c) It was Sunday evening on October 8th
d) Patrick and Catherine had to be up very early

What tone is the author creating by choosing “amble” and “stretch” and “leaned back”? Why does the author create this feeling or mood when the bulk of the book is about the disaster?
a) anxious; something is wrong
b) suspense
c) lazy
d) All these verbs have a sense of relaxation and a tranquil tone which contrasts against the disaster that is coming. The autho

In paragraphs 1-3, what details does the author use to help the reader build a personal connection to the historical figures in the story?
a) Murphy reveals that the O’Learys are regular working folks (laborer,deliverer of milk to the neighbors.)
b) It is endearing that Sullivan has only one leg and a nickname, Peg Leg. The neighbors stop by to talk to each other and the M
c) Murphy presents a picture of an area where people are friendly and care about each other.
d) all of the above

Sullivan has to shout, “FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!” From this detail, what can the reader infer about the technology in Chicago at the time?
a) He didn't know what else to do.
b) He wasn't thinking and just started screaming!
c) They had no telephones or automatic fire alarms that would allow someone to quickly get ahold of the fire department.
d) He left his cell phone at home on his dresser.

The author states, “The barn’s loft held over three tons of timothy hay.” What can the reader infer about how this detail could impact the development of The Great Fire?
a) Three tons is a huge amount of fuel to grow a fire. Murphy has already mentioned that the wind was “strong and gusting wildly
b) He was just explaining things you might find in a barn.
c) He was exaggerating about what they kept in the barn.
d) He needed extra details to make his story longer.

Sullivan’s behavior in paragraphs 4-6 suggests many things about his personality. What characteristics can be attributed to Sullivan based on evidence from these three paragraphs?
a) He was crazy!
b) He wanted to steal the cows and make them think they died in the fire.
c) Sullivan ran into a burning barn through a “shower of burning embers,” suggesting he is brave. He cares about saving his neig
d) He was confused and thought the barn was his barn instead of the O'Leary's barn.

Sullivan knew the O’Learys had several animals in the barn. Which of them was he able to rescue from the fire? Which were lost?
a) Sullivan know that there were at least 72 cows and a horse.
b) Sullivan had not clue how many animals were in the barn.
c) Sullivan “knew that in addition to five cows, the O’Learys had a calf and a horse in there.” Of those animals, Sullivan only
d) He couldn't save any of them because the animals were to afraid to move.

Who wrote The Great Fire
a) Jim Murphy
b) Murphy Davis
c) Jim Davis
d) Charlotte Webb

What city burned?
a) Chicago
b) Boston
c) Jackson
d) Miami

Where is a loft?
a) area above the main barn
b) behind the kitchen
c) where they keep horses
d) shed next to the barn

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