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When an atom loses an electron, it
a) becomes a negative ion
b) becomes a positive ion
c) forms a covalent bond
d) gains protons

What type of ions are composed of more than one atom?
a) Covalent
b) Molecular
c) Polar
d) Polyatomic

What type of bond shares 4 electrons?
a) Single bond
b) Double bond
c) Triple bond
d) Quadruple bond

An orderly 3-D arrangement of particles is a(n)
a) atom
b) ion
c) crystal
d) molecule

How many sodium ions (Na+) are needed to balance the charge on a hydroxide ion (OH-)
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

An ionic bond forms when
a) two atoms share electrons
b) two atoms lose electrons
c) two atoms gain electrons
d) an electron is transferred between two atoms

What is an atom or group of atoms called when it holds an electrical charge?
a) compound
b) crystal
c) ion
d) neutron

Which of the following properties causes the mineral halite to break apart along a flat face?
a) hardness
b) Color
c) alternating positive and negative ions
d) covalently bonded atoms

Which molecule is held together by a covalent bond?
a) Cl2
b) NaCl
c) MgO
d) CaO

Which type of the following describes a covalent bond?
a) Atoms equally share one or more pairs of electrons
b) Atoms transfer one or more pairs of eletrons
c) alternating ions that are oppositely charged

Which of the following conducts electricity?
a) sugar crystals
b) salt crystals
c) sugar dissolved in water
d) salt dissolved in water

Which of these is a property of an ionic compound?
a) low melting point
b) poor conductor of electricity
c) crystal shape
d) shared electrons

A bond in which a pair of electrons is shared between two atoms is called
a) ionic
b) covalent
c) polyatomic
d) triple bond

Fluorine atoms can not form a double or triple bond because flourine
a) is a nonmetal
b) strongly attracts electrons
c) has 7 valence electrons
d) is a gas at room temperature

An ionic crystal splits along a face of
a) like charges
b) unlike charges
c) molecules
d) random ions

The force of the attraction of electrons to the atom is measured by
a) AMUs
b) Kilowatts
c) moles
d) Paulings

When one nitrogen atoms joins with another the result is a
a) single bond
b) double bond
c) triple bond
d) ionic bond

When nitrogen and hydrogen combine, the ratio of hydrogen atoms to nitrogen atoms in a molecule of the resulting compound is
a) 2 to 1
b) 3 to 1
c) 1 to 2
d) 1 to 1

Atoms of which pair of elements are most likely to form a polar covalent compound?
a) H and O
b) Na and O
c) Na and Cl
d) Cl and Cl

The correct symbol for an ION of oxygen is
a) O+
b) O2+
c) O-
d) O2-

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