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Travis is 6 feet 9 inches tall. How tall is he in inches?
a) 54 inches
b) 63 inches
c) 71 inches
d) 81 inches

A car weighs 2 tons. How many pounds (lbs) does it weigh?
a) 2000 lbs
b) 20 lbs
c) 200 lbs
d) 4000 lbs

__ lb__oz = 52 oz
a) 2 lb 4 oz
b) 1 lb 4 oz
c) 3 lb 4 oz
d) 4 b 4 oz

How many feet are in 48 yards?
a) 144
b) 96
c) 48
d) 24

A rope is 3 feet 5 inches long. How long in inches is this rope?
a) 12 inches
b) 18 inches
c) 36 inches
d) 41 inches

Tracy needs 1 1/2 yards of fabric to make an apron. Which one of the following should she buy?
a) 4 1/2 ft
b) 48 inches
c) 1 3/8 yards
d) 3 feet

There are 8 oz. in a cup of tea. Which unit would NOT show how much tea you had in two cups?
a) 16 oz.
b) 1 quart
c) 2 cups
d) 1 pint

Tony bought 6 gallons of ice cream. How many pints of ice cream did Tony buy?
a) 3 pints
b) 24 pints
c) 36 pints
d) 48 pints

If the length of Jerry's laptop computer is 25 centimeters, how many meters long is the laptop?
a) .25 meters
b) 2.5 meters
c) 25 meters
d) 250 meters

Solve: 33 cm = _____mm
a) 0.33
b) 3.3
c) 33
d) 330

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