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NC had the largest number deserters why
a) largest and most populated state in the Union
b) it sent more soliders to the confederate army
c) all the soliders were more concerned about the welfare of their families than the Union
d) battles were fought in the south

What does it mean by a rich man's war but a poor man's fight
a) only rich man being involved in the war and poor men fighting to stay alive
b) to the poor man being conscripted and to the rich man being the military leaders
c) rich men believing in the Union and the poor man believing in the confederacy
d) the wealthy hired substitutes to fight in their place

what were the hardships NC faced because of the Civil War
a) incomes taxes
b) miltary concription and problems with state government
c) miltary concription, tax-in-kind, and increases in prices caused by shortages
d) military concription, tax-in-kind, and rises in the prices of furniture and doctors

April 9, 1865
a) Grant surrended to Lee
b) Lincoln was assinated by Booth
c) Stonewall Jackson surreneded to Sherman
d) Lee surrended to Grant

Sherman's March to the Sea
a) was an attempt to capture Atlanta
b) was one of the most resented aspects of the Civil War
c) overwhelmed the Union Forces
d) inspired Lincoln to write the Gettysburg address

large mining companies moved into Rowan County and farmers worked in the mines in their spare time. The place was later named
a) Mine City
b) Gold City
c) Gold Hill
d) Pan Hill

What did Archibald Murphy believe
a) the need for improvement in education
b) researched the effectivenes of charcoal in curing bright leaf tobacco
c) agreed with Andrew Jackson and the Indian Removal Act
d) began a program for masters to teach their slaves how to read and write

what was manifest destiny
a) the first recorded history of the state
b) the different ecnomies of the North and South
c) mandate from God to spread west
d) the idea that the US was not to increase the size of the nation by forcing Native Americans from their land

The westward expansion of the US was due to
a) the Indian Removal Act
b) Manifest Destiny
c) Louisiana Purchase
d) war of 1812

why was NC known as the Rip Van Wrinkle State
a) the author of the folk tale was from NC
b) Rip Van Wrinkle was born in NC
c) NC was declining socially and economically
d) NC was economically ahead of everyone else

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