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In the early 1800s farmers benefited from technical improvements such as
a) the cotton gin
b) gasoline-powered tractor
c) establishment of farmers associations
d) knowledge of organic farming

John Brown, a Kansas preacher
a) taught slaves how to read and write
b) held church services for slaves
c) led a bloody raid on an arsenal in Harpers Ferry
d) helped to relocate Native American

The trail of Tears
a) was an organization against the forced removal of Native Americans
b) a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean for thousands of Africans forced into slavery
c) was the subject of the pamplet published by abolitionists
d) was the forced removal of men, women, and children from their homeland often the rain and snow

The first NC Colored Volunteers and African Americans
a) supported the South
b) gave the Union a boost with their energy, enthusiasm, and skill
c) recruited and trained all new volunteers in the Union Army
d) were black abolitionists and served as confederate scouts

The Emancipation Proclaamation was
a) ignored by the South
b) ignored by the North
c) freed all slaves
d) delivered by George Washington

Fort Fisher proved to be important to Confederates since
a) ironclads could easily hid along its long and sandy coastline
b) it had dozens of large guns and cooners to patrol the coast
c) Wilmington was a key port for the Union
d) It helped ships from Wilmington get through Union blockades

The Anaconda Plan
a) Union troops blockaded trading ships from leaving or arriving at confederate ports
b) union troops encouraged trade with cities on the coastline and supported the efforts of free blacks
c) union troops blockaded European ports
d) union troops shared the military knowledge with Jefferson Davis

Why did NC secede from the Union
a) to preserve plantation traditions and trade with South America
b) to prevent fighting fellow southners and to preserve states rights
c) to show that NC had experinced military leaders
d) to increase population of their agricultural based society

NC faced a dilemma concerning secession since
a) mot farmers owned plantations
b) plantation owners supported the union
c) there were different viewpoints on secession
d) Many in NC favored secession compromises

the term abolitionists means
a) the absence of light
b) the belief that slavery should not exist
c) the belief that slavery should exist
d) a literary revival

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