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What word's definition is…the primary goal is to strengthen the patient’s control over his/her life, a task is to help the patient find alternatives to present unsatisfactory way of behaving, the patient must develop an understanding of their trouble
a) psychotherapy
b) self-medicating
c) lobotomy
d) remission

What word's definition is…a chemical used to counteract mood swings of bipolar disorder?
a) lithium carbonate
b) klonopin
c) zoloft
d) methadone

What is the only kind of psychotherapy practiced in Western society for many years?
a) counseling
b) psychoanalysis
c) group therapy
d) self help

What form of therapy assumes people are basically good, believe people can handle their own problems, and provide emotional support?
a) client-centered therapy
b) eclectic therapy
c) cognitive therapy
d) psychoanalysis

Which form of therapy is a combination of various kinds of therapies?
a) eclectic approach
b) prefrontal lobotomy
c) nondirective therapy
d) remission

Which word describes a type of psychosurgery in which a section of the brain is severed or destroyed?
a) prefrontal lobotomy
b) central sucus
c) cerebrum
d) brain stem

Which type of therapy consists of a free flow of images and ideas?
a) nondirective therapy
b) eclectic approach
c) psychoanalysis
d) group therapy

In _______ ________, a patient interacts with others who are struggling with similar problems.
a) group therapy
b) psychotherapy sessions
c) contingency management
d) latent content

The therapist and patient decide what old, undesirable behavior needs to be eliminated and what new, desirable behavior needs to appear with the ________ __________ technique.
a) contingency management
b) latent content
c) spontaneous remission
d) family therapy

A type of group therapy in which family members explore the web of relationships that had led one or more members to experience emotional difficulties in ____________ therapy.
a) family
b) group
c) individual
d) eclectic therapy

In cognitive therapy, clients use ___________________ to work toward an alternative belief system to explain their experiences.
a) reconceptualization
b) psychoanalysis
c) remission
d) dream analysis

Individuals who make unrealistic assumptions about life may find___________-__________ _________effective.
a) rational-emotive therapy
b) free-association therapy
c) dream-analysis therapy
d) group-family therapy

The hidden meaning in dreams is referred to as _________ ___________.
a) latent content
b) super secret
c) scary codes
d) graphic content

With __________ _______________, a person's symptoms suddenly disappear without therapy.
a) spontaneous remission
b) divine intervention
c) deep meditation
d) major surgery

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