Chapter 10 Democracy And Progress Question Preview (ID: 16631)

Review For The Chapter 10 Test.

How many years did the US Civil War last?
a) 4 years
b) 7 years
c) 2 years

What does the Emancipation Proclamation declare?
a) it declared only white land-owning men could vote
b) it declared all women had the right to vote
c) it declared all southern slaves free

What former slave became a leader in the movement to abolish slavery in the US?
a) James Wyatt Paine
b) Eli Whitney
c) Frederick Douglas

What is Manifest Destiny?
a) US has a duty to rule from ocean to ocean
b) the belief that a country will become a military power by raising taxes
c) the belief that a country will suffer economically after separating from colonial rule

What is home rule?
a) when children work in factories but parents remain at home
b) local control over internal affairs
c) when the father moves to the US and works to make money to send for the wife in kids in another country

What is a penal colony?
a) place where human waste is sent and turned into clean water
b) place where slaves are bought and traded
c) place where convicts are sent to serve their sentences

What is the first country to grant women suffrage?
a) Germany
b) New Zealand
c) USA

How was Canada a Dominion?
a) the people were US citizens but paid taxes to the British
b) it was self-governing but still part of the British Empire
c) it was taxed heavily for cotton products coming in from Germany

What was Alfred Dreyfus falsely convicted of doing?
a) passing military secrets to the Germans
b) promoting terroristic acts against the US
c) hiding Irish Republican Army members in his house

What is Zionism?
a) movement for just white men that owned property to be allowed to vote
b) movement for a all people to be able to vote
c) movement for a Jewish homeland

What is Anti-Semitism?
a) prejudice against Jews
b) prejudice against women
c) prejudice against Africans

What does suffrage mean?
a) right to vote
b) movement to end human suffering
c) prejudice against women

When did women in the US and Britain finally gain the right to vote?
a) after the Civil War
b) after World War II
c) after World War i

What movement gave universal male suffrage?
a) Civil Rights movement
b) Chartist movement
c) Victorian movement

What was the name of the policy that southern states pass after Northern troops leave?
a) segregation
b) integration
c) unification

Who invents the telephone?
a) Roger Waters
b) Alexander Graham Bell
c) Maynard James Keenan

Who invents the assembly line?
a) Jackson Pollack
b) Henry Ford
c) Eddie Veddar

In the middle 1800’s scientists discovered that ____________ cause diseases.
a) bacteria
b) rats
c) giraffe

Who discovers patterns to inherited traits?
a) Max Hanson
b) Walter Conkrite
c) Gregor Mendel

What is mass culture?
a) art, music, writing, and entertainment for a large audience
b) having a limited amount of followers on Instagram
c) taking large amounts of media away from a population of people

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