History Of China Question Preview (ID: 1663)

Trivia On Important Events In Chinese History.

This group of Chinese philosophers stressed the importance of strict leadership in a world where people are evil by nature
a) Legalists
b) Confucianists
c) Taoists
d) Communists

______________ stressed the importance of respecting one's elders and receiving a good education
a) Mao Zedong
b) Confucius
c) Kublai Khan
d) the Dalai Lama

Which Chinese dynasty was the first to leave written records?
a) Chou
b) Manchu
c) Shang
d) Qin

China gets its name from which dynasty?
a) Qin
b) Chou
c) Chinian
d) Han

Confucius was born during
a) the Boxer Rebellion
b) the Opium Wars
c) the Age of Warring States
d) the Taiping Rebellion

The ______________ was a 4,000 long trade caravan route through Asia.
a) Great Wall of China
b) Heavenly Road
c) Silk Road
d) Tiananmen Square Route

Until the Chinese invaded in 1951, Tibet was ruled by
a) Communists
b) Buddhist Monks
c) Taiwanese Nationalists
d) Hindu Brahmins

The ______________ was an attempt to get rid of the "old" aspects of Chinese society.
a) Cultural Revolution
b) Communist Revolution
c) Great Leap Backwards
d) Glorious Revolution

Which of the following were great Mongol rulers who influenced Chinese history
a) Genghis and Kublai Khan
b) Confucius and the Dalai Lama
c) Chang Kai-shek and Sun Yat-sen
d) Han Chin and Shang Zhou

Confucius' teachings are written down in the
a) Legalist Papers
b) Analects
c) Vedas
d) Koran

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