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What is the idea that all continents were part of one big landmass?
a) oceanic drift
b) continental drift
c) oceanic theory
d) continental theory

What is the area where two tectonic plates meet called?
a) a collision
b) a mid-oceanic ridge
c) a boundary
d) a rift zone

New oceanic lithosphere forms as a result of
a) sea-floor spreading
b) normal polarity
c) reverse polarity
d) continental drift

The sinking of regions of the Earth's crust to lower elevations is called
a) subsidence
b) folding
c) magnetic reversal
d) uplift

The bending of rock layers because of stress in the earth's crust is called
a) subsidence
b) folding
c) magnetic reversal
d) uplift

What do scientists use the global positioning system for?
a) to measure tectonic plate motion
b) to measure the Earth's thickness
c) to make images of tectonic plates
d) to locate fossils

Magnetic reversals have helped to support
a) the theory of Pangaea
b) the age of the Earth
c) sea-floor spreading
d) the theory of Gondwana

The breaking of rock layers in earth's crust is called
a) folding
b) faulting
c) uplift
d) subsidence

A possible result of plates moving along a transform boundary is
a) oceans
b) convection
c) earthquakes
d) sea-floor spreading

Sea-floor spreading occurs at which type of boundary?
a) convergent
b) divergent
c) transform
d) normal

A CHANGE in rock layers due to compression or tension is called
a) sea floor spreading
b) uplift
c) subsidence
d) deformation

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