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What type of boundary is formed when plates slide past each other?
a) convergent
b) horizontal
c) divergent
d) transform

Mountains formed by magma that reaches the Earth's surface are
a) slip-strike
b) folded
c) fault-block
d) volcanic

Wegener thought that all the continents were once together in one large continent called
a) Gondwana
b) Laurasia
c) Eurasia
d) Pangaea

Which of these did NOT provide evidence of continental drift?
a) sea-floor spreading
b) oceanic plate theory
c) the fossil record
d) magnetic reversals

What type of boundary is formed when plates collide?
a) convergent
b) horizontal
c) divergent
d) transform

What can tectonic plates form when they converge?
a) mid-ocean ridges
b) mountains
c) sea floor
d) asthenosphere

According to the continental drift theory, a single, huge continent once existed called
a) Pangaea
b) Wegener
c) Panthalassa
d) Eurasia

In a normal fault, where does the hanging wall move relative to the footwall?
a) upward
b) downward
c) horizontally
d) stays the same

The San Andrea Fault is an example of
a) convergent plate boundary
b) divergent plate boundary
c) transform plate boundary
d) normal plate boundary

Rock layers move horizontally past one another in which type of fault?
a) normal
b) reverse
c) strike slip
d) folded

What is compression?
a) stress squeezing an object
b) stress pulling an object
c) stress breaking an object
d) stress releasing an object

The Global Positioning System depends on
a) gravity
b) the Internet
c) satellites
d) visual observations

Where does sea-floor spreading take place?
a) convergent boundaries
b) transform boundaries
c) oceanic volcanoes
d) mid-ocean ridges

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