History Of China Question Preview (ID: 1662)

Trivia On Important Events In Chinese History.

Who was the leader of the Communist party that took control of China in the 1940's?
a) Chang Kai-shek
b) Mao Zedong
c) Sun Yat-sen
d) Genghis Khan

After being defeated by the Communists in the 1940's, the Nationalist party was exiled to
a) India
b) Taiwan
c) Thailand
d) Mongolia

In 1989, the Chinese government sent troops into _____________ to put down a pro-democratic demonstration
a) Tibet
b) Taiwan
c) Tiananmen Square
d) Hong Kong

A ____________ is a ruling family that controls a given territory for a substantial period of time
a) dynasty
b) monarchy
c) hindi
d) nirvana

Many rebellions occurred at the end of Manchu dynasty rule because people were unhappy with
a) Communist rule
b) foreign influences in China
c) the Mandate of Heaven
d) Tibet's independence

The Dalai Lama lives in
a) India
b) Tibet
c) Hong Kong
d) Taiwan

Many Europeans became interested in traveling to the East after hearing _________'s account of his trips to China
a) Kublai Khan
b) the Dalai Lama
c) Marco Polo
d) Genghis Khan

When did the last emperor of China abdicate the throne?
a) in the early 1900's
b) in the 1890's
c) after WWII
d) after the Glorious Revolution

___________ believe that the wealth of a nation should be equally shared by all
a) Taoists
b) Legalists
c) Communists
d) Capitalists

How long was China ruled by dynasties (approx.)?
a) 300 years
b) 4,000 years
c) 50 years
d) 25,000 years

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