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Which statement is false according the cell theory?
a) cells are the basic unit of all living things
b) all atoms contain cells.
c) all living organisms have cells
d) all cells come from pre-existing cells

What is the purpose of the cell wall in a plant cell?
a) it controls the cell's activities
b) it removes waste from the cell
c) it breaks down the plant's food
d) it protects and supports the cell

How are plant cells different from animal cells?
a) animal cells do not have a nucleus
b) animal cells do not have a cell wall
c) animal cells do not have cytoplasm
d) animal cells do not have ribosomes

Which of the following structures is not found in plant cells?
a) lysosomes
b) ribosomes
c) chloroplast
d) vacuole

Which part of a cell stores waste, food, water, and other materials?
a) lysosomes
b) cell membrane
c) vacuole
d) endoplasmic reticulum

A leaf consists of many groups of cells that have different properties and perform different functions. Which term best classifies a leaf?
a) organelle
b) system
c) organ
d) tissue

What is the main role of lysosomes in the process of food digestion?
a) building proteins
b) breaking down wastes
c) controlling the activities of the cell
d) converting energy from one form into another.

Skin cells work together to perform a similar function in the organism. Which term best classifies skin cells?
a) an organ
b) a tissue
c) an organism
d) an organ system

A student observed a Paramecium under the low power objective of a microscope (100x) and then under high power (400x). The image of the Paramecium under low power compared to the image of the Paramecium under high power would be
a) smaller and in a darker field of view
b) smaller and in a brighter field of view
c) larger and in a darker field of view
d) larger and in a brighter field of view.

Which of the following would be used to study and observe the structure of an organism's tissue?
a) microscope
b) centrifuge
c) incubator
d) triple beam balance.

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