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What is the main function of the cell wall in a plant cell?
a) to protect against disease
b) to give structural support
c) to contain the parts of the cell
d) to help with cell division

Which structure in the cell would most likely be responsible for the leaking of waste materials into the cell's cytoplasm?
a) ribosomes
b) lysosomes
c) vacuole
d) nucleolus

Which of these is the fundamental unit of all life?
a) system
b) organ
c) tissue
d) cell

Which cell function is most directly dependent on the cytoskeleton?
a) transport of material inside the cell
b) response of the cell to external pathogens
c) storage of energy in stable long term forms
d) direction of cellular activity

Which structures are common to both plant and animal cells?
a) vacuole, chloroplast, nucleus
b) cell membrane, nucleus, mitochondrion
c) nucleus, cell wall, cell membrane
d) mitochondrion, vacuole, cell wall

What is the main difference between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells?
a) prokaryotic cells have no nucleus
b) prokaryotic cells do not have cytoplasm
c) prokaryotic cells have genetic material
d) prokaryotic cells have ribosomes

Which of the following structures would not be found in a prokaryotic cell?
a) protein
b) RNA
c) mitochondria
d) ribosome

In plant and animal cells, the control center of the cell is the
a) chloroplast
b) cytoplasm
c) nucleus
d) golgi body

A group of similar cells that perform a similar function is called a(n):
a) cell wall
b) organ
c) tissue
d) organ system

Cells-1-2- organ systems. Which of the following will correctly complete this sequence
a) 1 organisms, 2 tissues
b) 1 tissues, 2 organs
c) 1 organs, 2 organisms
d) 1 organs, 2 tissues

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