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What effect do enzymes have on chemical reactions?
a) speed up
b) slow down
c) stop
d) nothing

What is something specific about enzmes that does not change?
a) shape
b) temperature
c) pH
d) color

What are proteins that act as a biological catalyst?
a) enzymes
b) hormones
c) antibodies
d) glucose

What are the three letters that the name of most enzymes end in?
a) ASE
b) ABC
c) ACE
d) ATP

What are the reactants of enzymes called?
a) substrates
b) product
c) mitochondria
d) liver

Each enzyme has it's own ___ responsible for a particular reaction in the cell?
a) job
b) color
c) size
d) tool

What are two things that are optimum in enzymes?
a) Temperature and pH
b) Temperature and color
c) pH and shape
d) color and size

What is the energy needed to get a reaction started?
a) activation energy
b) start up energy
c) beginning energy
d) deactivation energy

What is a substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction?
a) catalyst
b) antibodies
c) hormones
d) hydrogen peroxide

What is the result of a chemical reaction called?
a) product
b) substrate
c) glucose
d) hormones

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