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Students Will Review Concepts Dealing With Measurement, Standard And Non-standard, Metric And Customary.[print questions]

Which of the following were once used as forms of measurement?
a) Hands
b) Feet
c) Fingers
d) All of the Above

In the United States we use the __________ system for measuring.
a) Customary
b) Metric

Choose the informal method of measuring.
a) ruler
b) span
c) yard stick
d) tape measure

How many feet are in a yard?
a) 5
b) 10
c) 3
d) 2

This system is not used in the United States but is used everywhere else.
a) Metric
b) Customary

Which of the following measurements did early Egyptians use?
a) inches, feet, yards
b) centimeters, meters, kilometers
c) digits, spans, cubits

If I want an accurate measurement I should use which of the following?
a) hand
b) finger
c) ruler
d) span

The metric system and customary systems are accurate ways to measure.
a) False
b) True

Why do we get different measurements when we use our hands, feet, and fingers?
a) We get the same measurements when we use our hands, feet, and fingers.
b) Our hands, feet, and fingers are all different sizes so our measurements aren't the same.
c) Our hands, feet, and fingers are accurate ways to measure.

In the book,How Big is a Foot, why was the bed to small for the queen?
a) The apprentice didn't know how to make a bed.
b) The queen grew to big for the bed.
c) The apprentice and king had different size of feet, so there measurements were not the same.

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