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Mesopotamia is known as
a) land between the mountains
b) land between the valleys
c) land between the rivers
d) land between the lakes

A floodplain is
a) rough land bordering the river
b) flat land bordering the mountain
c) rough land bordering the mountain
d) flat land bordering the river

Silt is
a) fertile and good for growing crops
b) not fertile and useless for growing crops
c) a food that Sumerians used to eat
d) a popular tool in Mesopotamia

A semiarid climate involves
a) freezing, dry weather
b) hot, dry weather
c) wet, cold weather
d) hot, wet weather

A drought is
a) a period when too much rain occurs
b) a period when no crops will grow
c) a period when not enough rain and snow fall
d) a period when the weather is unchanged

When there is a surplus of food, there is
a) more than people need
b) not enough for people to surive
c) just enough for people to survive

A civilization is an advanced form or
a) agriculture
b) business
c) religion
d) culture

Sumer was an ancient region that lies
a) in northern Mesopotamia
b) in southern Mesopotamia
c) in easter Mesopotamia
d) in western Mesopotamia

Reglious practices occurred at the
a) school
b) river
c) ziggurat
d) city hall

The belief in MANY gods is called
a) monotheism
b) polytheism
c) Judaism
d) Christianity

People used bronze because
a) it was bendable and pretty
b) it was stronger and lasted longer
c) it could turn into liquid faster

The FIRST form of writing involved the use of
a) pictures and drawings (pictographs)
b) wedge-shaped objects
c) cursive
d) paper and pencil

A stylus is
a) A fashionable person who wears elegant clothing
b) A sharpened reed used to press marks into clay
c) A clay tablet
d) A person who records information

The type of writing made up of wedge-shaped markings is called
a) tablet writing
b) pictographs
c) hieroglyphics
d) cuneiform

A person who specialized in writing and serves as a record keeper was called
a) a king
b) a priest
c) a scribe
d) a teacher

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