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Blue is to color as circle is to __
a) shape
b) ring
c) ball
d) triangle

Admiral is to navy as general is to ___
a) army
b) school
c) factory
d) laboratory

Break is to glass a tear it to ___
a) paper
b) brick
c) wood
d) rubber

Date is to calendar as time is to ____
a) clock
b) ruler
c) scale
d) volume

Mother is to aunt as father is to ____
a) uncle
b) son
c) nephwe
d) grandfather

a) savage
b) drowsy
c) imaginary
d) humorous

a) certain
b) gravel
c) bumpy
d) unknown

a) develop fully
b) sleep more
c) gain strenth
d) become wiser

a) sharp
b) lazy
c) clever
d) awkward

a) look like
b) flake off
c) grow near
d) depend on

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