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Alberto tried to ____ the beautiful scenery he had seen on his vaction.
a) describe
b) deskribe
c) descrieb
d) descrybe

Jamie did not mean to ___ the conversation her parents were having
a) interrupt
b) interrpt
c) interrapt
d) interoupt

Evan took the ___ with his new camera
a) photograph
b) fotograph
c) photgraph
d) footograph

a) destroyed
b) invented
c) furnished
d) manufactured

a) vital
b) delicate
c) confusing
d) reasonable

a) screaming
b) pointing
c) grabbing
d) laughing

a) held tightly
b) slept quietly
c) affedcted quickly
d) released recently

a) sticky
b) dry
c) crusty
d) graceful

Uncle Steven answered the ____.
a) telephone
b) telaphone
c) tellephone
d) telluphone

The volcano will ___ before morning
a) erupt
b) errupt
c) eruped
d) erupped

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