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released antonyms
a) caught
b) admired
c) soaked
d) found

healthy antonyms
a) sickly
b) upset
c) curious
d) awkward

a) nearby
b) new
c) free
d) large

a) real
b) claear
c) small
d) beautiful

a) use someting that belongs to someone else
b) read something many times
c) rearrange something for someone
d) take something without someone knowing

a) responsibility for a mistake
b) reason for something
c) time to repeat something
d) explanation for mystery

a) say sorry
b) talk back
c) ask again
d) walk forward

adult antonyms
a) child
b) guest
c) human
d) soldier

dangerous antonyms
a) safe
b) terrible
c) pleasant
d) old

famous antonyms
a) unknown
b) busy
c) calm
d) talented

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