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A sea slug is in phylum Mollusca
a) True
d) False

A snail is in phylum Mollusca
a) True
d) False

A squid is in phylum Mollusca
a) True
d) False

A stingray is in the phylum Mollusca
a) False
d) True

Members of the phylum Molluscs generall share _______ , ________, and ________.
a) mantle, foot, radula
b) shells, radula, mantle
c) foot, tentacles, radula
d) mantle, jet propulsion, tentacles

The mollulscs in class Gastopoda are
a) single shelled mollusks, snails and whelks
b) oysters, clams and scallops
c) octopus, squid and clams
d) all of the answers are correct

Mollusks in class Bivalvia
a) have 2 shells
b) have no head
c) have no radula
d) all of the answers are correct

Molluscs in class Cephlopoda include
a) slugs and snail
b) oysters and scallops
c) octupus
d) none of the answers are correct

The ____________ is thought to be the most intelligent invertebrate
a) dolphin
b) octopus
c) whelk
d) squid

The clam's gills function as a gas exchanger and as a
a) filter for feeding
b) lung
c) gill

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