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___________ is something you do all the time without thinking about it
a) habit
b) pressure
c) peer pressure
d) debt

_________ _______ makes you want to be like everyone else
a) peer pressure
b) habit
c) frugal
d) debt

______________ is something you get a great deal on something.
a) bargain
b) debt
c) rent
d) wants

A ___________ is something you pay for because you can't do without it.
a) expense
b) habit
c) free spending
d) neccessary expense

When you purchase something, you
a) buy it
b) sale it
c) save it
d) throw it away

When you remove money from the bank you make a
a) deposit
b) withdrawal
c) refund
d) balance

When you ask to get your money back, you want a
a) refund
b) deposit
c) withdrawal
d) balance

Buying something on impulse means making a purchase
a) without stopping to think about it
b) after carefully checking prices
c) buy putting your needs ahead of your wants
d) final payments

If you're overcharged, you are paying
a) more than you should
b) again and again
c) the correct amount
d) none of these

When you reguest a refund, you're asking to
a) get your money back
b) make monthly payments
c) get a bargain price
d) give money away

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