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You'll usually find lower prices at ____________ store
a) discount
b) retail
c) salvation army
d) Wal-Mart

Prices on seasonal items __________ the season is over.
a) after
b) before
c) during
d) in the morning

The main reason businesses runs ads is to _____________
a) convince you to buy something
b) provide the facts
c) save you money
d) help you save money

An Estimate shows the _____________ cost of a repair job
a) guess
b) exact
c) guess and exact
d) nothing at all of the

Great bargains on used items can often be found at __________
a) garage sales
b) outlet malls
c) Wal-Mart
d) store sales

What can help you make wise discisions?
a) learning about the product and comparing different brands
b) believing everything the ad says about the product
c) rushing to buy any new product as soon as it's introduced
d) using a buyer's guide

You can look up nearby thrift stores in the yellow pages of a
a) phone book
b) buyer's guide
c) class year book
d) newspaper

Which of these ads states a fact?
a) Naturally good and delicious, too!
b) Hurry!Hurry!Sale ends tommorrow!
c) You won't beleive our low prices!
d) Save on our name brand items!

Which of these tips can help you control costly repair bills?
a) ask more than one company to give you a price estimate
b) let the repair service decide what nees to be fixed
c) Never accept rebuilt parts if new parts are available
d) beleive everything you here about the repair bills

Where might you shop for bargains on used household items?
a) flea markets
b) discount warehouses
c) department stores
d) Wal-Mart

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