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The attribute used to choose the type of font in HTML is?
a) Face
b) Character
c) Text-type

How many characters can be written with 1 Kilobyte?
a) 1
b) Depends on the font used
c) 1024

WYSIWYG stands for?
a) What You See Is What You Get
b) When You Start Is When You Go
c) Will You Start Instructions When You Go

All normal web pages consist of what two parts?
a) Top and Bottom
b) Body and frameset
c) Head and Body

Which program do you need to write HTML?
a) A graphics program
b) HTML development suite 4
c) Any text editor

Tags and text that do not show directly on the page are placed where?
a) Head
b) Tables
c) Body

What does vlink mean?
a) visited link
b) very good link
c) active link

Which property tells how many rows a cell should span?
a) rowspan=n
b) rowspan=r;colspan=c
c) colspan=n

Adding a border to your image helps the visitor to recognize it as what?
a) A frame
b) A link
c) A list

Why should you add alternative text to your images?
a) So the users can get an idea of what the image is before it loads.
b) In case the user wishes to load a different picture.
c) So the user can save teh image using the text as a name.

Which tag is used to insert images into your web page?
a) img
b) pic
c) scr

When making bulleted lists you have what options?
a) triangle, square, circle
b) square, disc, polygon
c) disc, circle, square

Gif and jpg are the two main types of what?
a) Animated effects
b) Images
c) Outlines

Banners, buttons, dividers, clipart, and other simple images usually work best as?
a) fonts
b) gif
c) jpg

Which format usually works best for photos?
a) Gif
b) Jpg
c) Html

To change the size of an image in HTML use what?
a) bigger and smaller
b) size handles
c) height and width

When is the content of a table shown?
a) In pieces as it loads.
b) Before the border loads.
c) After the table is loaded.

Why do designers often use slight variations of black and white as background colors?
a) Personal choice
b) Black and white are ugly colors
c) To make the page more readable

Defining clickable sub-areas on an image is called?
a) Image linking
b) Multiple linking
c) Image mapping

Imagelinks can show a text label if you add which property?
a) alternative
b) alt
c) str

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