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A1, C3, D22 are known as
a) codes
b) cell references
c) boxes
d) borders

All formula must begin with
a) sum
b) add
c) equals
d) form

A spreadsheet is useful for
a) keying in a letter
b) preparing a poster
c) sending an email
d) calculating financial information

+ is the mathematical operator to
a) subtract
b) multiply
c) divide
d) add

The mathematical operator to multiply is
a) +
b) x
c) *
d) /

To add a column of numbers together you would use
a) minus
b) add
c) average
d) autosum

The legend in charting is better known as
a) the hero
b) the key
c) the data
d) the formula

On a chart the following should be displayed
a) Titles, labels, key and values or percentages
b) Titles
c) Titles and labels
d) Titles, labels and values

To show the rows, columns and lines when printing select
a) show formula
b) show gridlines and row and column headings
c) show lines
d) show row and column headings

What type of chart would best compare data?
a) pie chart
b) column chart
c) line chart
d) no chart

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