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A _____________ is a set of bones or cartilage that surrounds the dorsal nerve cord.
a) skull
b) vertebral column
c) appendicular skeleton
d) axial skeleton

In vertebrates, the dorsal nerve cord develops into the _________ and ________.
a) spinal cord, brain
b) legs, arms
c) ears, throat
d) heart, lungs

A notochord is:
a) a hollow tube above the spine
b) small outpocket of the anterior gut
c) dorsal rod of specialized cells
d) convergent evolution

The system in fish that runs along the length of their body and allows them to feel slight vibrations in water is called:
a) notochord
b) lateral line
c) placoid scale
d) operculum

. Any animal that at some point during development had a notochord, a dorsal nerve cord and pharyngeal pouches is considered to be a _________.
a) vertebrate
b) shark
c) chordate
d) mammal

Which of the following lists includes the three classes of fishes?
a) Vertebrata, Chordata, Ostracodermi.
b) Mammalia, Amphibia, Reptilia.
c) Agnatha, Chondrichthyes, Osteichthyes.
d) Bass, Salmon, Catfish

What type of fish was dissected in class?
a) Bass
b) Parrott
c) Perch
d) A gross one.

What is the stage of inactivity Amphibians enter during the summermonths.
a) torpor
b) hibernation
c) estivation

Amphibians have a two-habitat life cycle which makes them a good _______.
a) biodegradable
b) biohazard
c) bioindicator

The enlarged finger on the foreleg for grasping in mating is found:
a) on a male only
b) on females only
c) on both sexes

In reptiles with toes modified for “suction cups” what causes the suction force?
a) suction cups on the bottom of their toes
b) wet feet
c) tiny hairs that increase surface area

Today __________ has had a very negative impact on the number of reptilian species.
a) human impact
b) flooding
c) wild fires

The most important adaptation for reptiles is the
a) waterproof skin
b) amniote egg
c) claws

Concerning frog anatomy, the tympanum is the
a) eyelid
b) eardrum
c) nostril

Where are most amphibian species located in the world?
a) Antarctica
b) near the Equator
c) in the oceans

Frogs, toads, newts and salamanders are all examples of what?
a) amphibians
b) reptiles
c) crocodilians

Both frogs and toads return to water to reproduce; their swimming larvae are called
a) tadpoles
b) babies
c) hunchbacks

The frog organ that has two atria and one ventricle is the
a) kidney
b) heart
c) lung

The digits of the frog are webbed on the
a) forelegs only
b) hind legs only
c) both hind legs and forelegs

The forelegs of the frog are __________ the hind legs.
a) shorter than
b) the same length as
c) longer than

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