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Napoleon was able to maintain the Empire at its greatest extent for ___.
a) 2 years
b) 5 years
c) 7 years
d) 10 years

Which of the following events was the latest to occur?
a) sale of the Louisiana Territory
b) sending an army through Spain to Portugal
c) losing the Battle of Trafalgar
d) Napoleon's making himself Emperor

Which event happened earliest?
a) Battle of Trafalgar
b) invasion of Russia
c) sale of the Louisiana Territory
d) invasion of Portugal

In what year did Napoleon sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States?
a) 1795
b) 1796
c) 1800
d) 1803

In what year did Napoleon seize control of the government and assume dictatorial powers?
a) 1799
b) 1800
c) 1804
d) 1805

This describes the most conservative members of the Legislative Assembly.
a) right-wing
b) left-wing
c) moderate
d) radical

This is the name of the government body that replaced the National Assembly.
a) Legislative Assembly
b) National Convention
c) Estates General
d) Committee for Public Safety

This was invented to further humane goals, though often used in contradiction to such goals.
a) compass
b) guillotine
c) Zyklon-B gas
d) Gatling gun

This was a radical group, named for the style of breeches its members wore.
a) sans-cullottes
b) emigres
c) Rough Riders
d) pantalones cargo

Out of fear for their own safety, members of this group finally put an end to the Reign of Terror.
a) Estates-General
b) Legislative Assembly
c) National Assembly
d) National Convention

This person claimed it was possible to build a republic of virtue by means of what came to be known as the Reign of Terror.
a) Georges Danton
b) Cardinal Richelieu
c) Maximilien Robespierre
d) Jean-Paul Marat

Napoleon's career finally ended in ___.
a) 1795
b) 1800
c) 1812
d) 1815

What geographic advantage helped Britain resist conquest?
a) It was farther north.
b) It was larger.
c) It was an island.
d) It was far from France.

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