8th Physics Review 3 Week Assessment Question Preview (ID: 16558)

3 Week Assessment Review.

All elements in the same group have--
a) The same atomic number.
b) the same atomic mass.
c) the same color.
d) similar chemical properties.

In a chemical reaction between (KSO4) and (CaCl2) which element cannot be on the PRODUCT side?
a) K
b) S
c) Fe
d) Cl

Protons are found--
a) in the energy levels
b) in the nucleus of an atom
c) in the nucleus of a cell
d) paired up with electrons in energy levels.

The unit used to measure force is--
a) Celsius
b) Newton
c) Gram
d) Meters

2H4O In this chemical formula, how many Hydrogen atoms are present?
a) 3
b) 8
c) 4
d) 2

The fastest train in the world moves at 500 km/hr. How far will it go in 2 hours?
a) 1200 km
b) 900 km
c) 250 km
d) 1000 km

A track is 400 m around. If it takes a person 200 seconds to run one lap, how fast did they run the lap?
a) 6 m/s
b) 3 m/s
c) 7 m/s
d) 2 m/s

Force is a--
a) push or pull
b) unbalanced
c) balanced
d) All of the above

Velocity is--
a) speed with acceleration
b) speed with direction
c) acceleration
d) inertia

Which example is best describing friction?
a) A feather falling from the sky
b) rolling a bowling ball
c) a rocket taking off from earth
d) rubbing your hands together to create heat

Which formula represents Newton's 2nd law of motion?
a) M= f/a
b) s=d/t
c) d= s x t
d) f= m x a

According to Newton's 1st law (inertia) an object will stay in motion unless a force acts on it. What type of force must act on the object to make it move?
a) Outside
b) Unbalanced
c) Balanced
d) Heavy

A basketball bouncing off the gym floor is an example of which law?
a) Newton's 1st law
b) Newton's 2nd law
c) Newton's 3rd Law

When Sally went sky diving, she first jumped from the airplane, then released her parachute to slow her fall. Why does the parachute slow Sally's fall?
a) It decreases air resistance
b) It increases air resistance
c) it increases gravity
d) It makes her lighter

Accroding to the laws of motion, motion will only occur if the force is---
a) Balanced
b) Strong
c) weak
d) Unbalanced

Which statement best describes Newton's 3rd law of motion?
a) F= m x a
b) An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by an unbalanced force.
c) s=d/t
d) For every action there is an equal reaction.

How much force is needed to stop a bus moving 300 Newtons West.
a) 300 N South
b) 300 N East
c) 300 N West
d) 300 N North

Sodium carbonate is used to soften water. Its formula is Na2CO3. Which element is not in the formula?
a) NA
b) H
c) C
d) O

What instrument is used to measure force?
a) Metric Ruler
b) Triple beam balance
c) Spring Scale
d) Graduated Cylinder

If two teams are playing tug-o-war and Team A pulls with a force of 50 Newtons, and Team B pulls with a force of 70 Newtons, what will the outcome be?
a) The teams will not move because the force is balanced.
b) The teams will move in the direction of the weaker force, with a force of 30 Newtons.
c) The teams will move in the direction of the stronger force, with a force of 20 newtons.
d) The people will move in the direction of the stronger force, with a force of 50 Newtons.

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