Vocabulary : The Giver Question Preview (ID: 16554)

Questions Related To Vocabulary In 'The Giver' Novel.

To arouse curiosity
a) intrigue
b) palpable
c) apprehensive
d) wheedle

capable of being touched or felt
a) sift
b) enhance
c) palpable
d) nondescript

fearful of what may be coming
a) transgression
b) apprehensive
c) wheedle
d) manifest

to gain by coaxing or flattering
a) palpable
b) sifting
c) wheedle
d) enhance

to seperate out; to sort out what is useful
a) apprehensive
b) transgression
c) palapable
d) sift

to go beyond limits; violate a law
a) transgression
b) ebb
c) manifest
d) supplementary

added; additional
a) manifest
b) supplementary
c) enhance
d) nondescript

to flow away from the shore of seawater; brought in by the tide
a) enhance
b) ebb
c) supplementary
d) palapable

not easily described
a) ebb
b) manifest
c) enhance
d) nondescript

clear the senses or mind
a) manifest
b) ebb
c) supplement
d) enhance

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