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What letters represent the four nitrogenous bases?
a) A, T, G, and C
b) G, T, A, and D
c) U, T, G, and C
d) A, T, G, and X

Watson and Crick build a model of DNA that looked like a ________________________.
a) twisted ladder
b) single helix
c) double pyramid
d) straight line

To be copied, DNA molecules splits ________________________.
a) down the middle
b) along the phosphates
c) along the sugars
d) one pair of bases only

The sides of DNA's ladder structure are made of _____________________ and _____________________.
a) sugars and phosphates
b) sugars and phospholipids
c) adenine and thymine
d) phosphates and bases

The rungs of the ladder structure of DNA are made of _________________________.
a) a pair of bases
b) a pair of sugars
c) a pair of phosphates
d) a set of proteins

A string of nucleotides that code for a specific trait is called a _________________________.
a) gene
b) chromosome
c) cell
d) nucleus

DNA stands for _______________________.
a) deoxyribonucleic acid
b) deoxyribosome adenine
c) donuts rot always
d) tRNA

DNA is made of subunits called ______________________.
a) nucleotides
b) proteins
c) gene
d) amino acids

Nucleotides are made of _______________________.
a) a phosphate, a sugar, and a base
b) a phosphate, a protein, and two bases
c) a phosphate, a sugar, and a ribosome
d) a ribosome, a sugar, and two bases

The amount of adenine in DNA always equals the amount of _________________.
a) thymine
b) guanine
c) cytosine
d) all of the answers are correct

Guanine always pairs with which nitrogenous base?
a) cytosine
b) adenine
c) thymine
d) any base

The complementary strand for the DNA sequence TAGTCA is?

Pairs of bases match up because they are ______________________ to one another.
a) complementary
b) opposite
c) the same
d) replicates

DNA must _____________________ before a cell divides.
a) replicate
b) mutate
c) phosphate
d) eliminate

DNA can be wound so tightly that it fits in a(n) ______________________ inside the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell.
a) chromosome
b) nucleotide
c) gene
d) ribosome

If one nucleotide base is changed in a strand of DNA then this is called a ______________________________.
a) mutation
b) chromosome pair
c) complementary strand
d) DNA fingerprint

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