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Three unknown French officials offered the US a bribe. This was known as _______________.
a) a. The XYZ Affair
b) b. Pinckney’s Treaty
c) c. The Monroe Doctrine
d) d. Jay’s Treaty

President Washington wanted to remain neutral so he issued a ________.
a) a. Treaty of Brave Men
b) b. Treaty of Versailles
c) c. Jay’s Treaty
d) d. Proclamation of Neutrality

The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions said that the Alien and Sedition Acts were ______________.
a) a. fair and right
b) b. constitutional
c) c. a state’s right
d) d. unconstitutional

_________ said that no American ships could trade with other countries.
a) a. The Alien and Sedition Act
b) b. The XYZ Affair
c) c. Jay’s Treaty
d) d. The Embargo Act

During the War of 1812, what United States’ city was the site of a major battle fought after the war’s end had already been declared through the Treaty of Ghent?
a) a. New Orleans
b) b. New York City
c) c. Boston
d) d. Philadelphia

During the early 1800s, members of Congress who supported war against Great Britain were known as:
a) a. War Hawks
b) b. Farm Hawks
c) c. Mohawks
d) d. Jayhawks

The practice of forcing foreign sailors into a country’s military service, which the British practiced regularly in the early 1800s, was called what?
a) a. piracy
b) b. impressment
c) c. hijacking
d) d. mutiny

Andrew Jackson defeated what southern Native American group at Horseshoe Bend during the War of 1812?
a) a. Sioux
b) b. Cherokee
c) c. Creek
d) d. Iroquois

While President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson authorized the purchase of ____ from France in 1803.
a) a. the Louisiana Territory
b) b. Florida
c) the south including South Carolina and Georgia.
d) d. the Oregon Territory

The treaty that said Spain would give the United States Florida was the _____________________.
a) a. Pinckney’s Treaty
b) b. Alien and Sedition Acts
c) c. Adams-Onis Treaty
d) d. Jay’s Treaty

____________ allowed the President to deport (remove from the United States) anyone considered “dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States.”
a) a. The Sedition Acts
b) b. Jay’s Treaty
c) c. The Alien Acts
d) d. The Treaty of Ghent

The war hawks were people who wanted ___________.
a) a. peace
b) b. war
c) c. neutrality
d) d. friendship

__________________ allowed punishment of newspaper editors who criticized the President and Congress.
a) a. Jay’s Treaty
b) b. The Naturalization Act
c) c. The Sedition Act
d) d. The Alien Act

The Star-Spangled Banner was written by ____________________.
a) a. Andrew Jackson
b) b. William Henry Harrison
c) c. Francis Scott Key
d) d. James Madison

The treaty signed in Belgium ending the War of 1812 was the ___________.
a) a. Adams-Onis Treaty
b) b. Monroe Doctrine
c) c. Pinckney’s Treaty
d) d. Treaty of Ghent

During the invasion of Washington, DC, who set fire to the White House and the Capitol?
a) a. The Shawnee Indians
b) b. The Creek Indians
c) c. The French
d) d. The British

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