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A plant that produces seeds that are enclosed by a fruit is called a(n)
a) angiosperm
b) gymnosperms
c) pistils
d) stamen

A flower's female reproductive parts are called
a) sepals
b) anthers
c) pistils
d) pollen

A flower's male reproductive parts are called
a) sepals
b) anthers
c) stamen
d) petals

What is pollination?
a) the development of pollen grains
b) the development of mature cones
c) the development of seeds
d) the transfer of pollen from male to female reproductive structures

Root hairs help a plant
a) transport sunlight to the root
b) absorb water and nutrients
c) protect the stem
d) make it look pretty

What is NOT a root function in plants?
a) to store food
b) to produce food
c) to anchor the plants
d) to absorbs water

What part of a plant carries substances between the roots and the leaves?
a) sepal
b) stem
c) rings
d) leaves

A plant's growth response toward or away from a stimulus is called a
a) tropism
b) hormone
c) germination
d) pollination

A plant is growing towards the sun, what type of stimulus is the plant's growth responding to?
a) touch
b) gravity
c) water
d) light

Dormancy is a period when an organism's growth or activity
a) stops
b) speeds up
c) continues
d) moves slower

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