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The study of the solid earth is called-
a) Geology
b) astronomy
c) meteorology
d) oceanography

The earth scientist most likely to study a tornado is
a) a geologist
b) an astronomer
c) a meteorologist
d) an oceanographer

AN example of a nonbiodegradable waste product is
a) orange peel
b) an egg shell
c) a pile of rotting leaves
d) a plastic bag

Usually the first step in scientific problem solving is to
a) form a hypothesis
b) state a conclusion
c) gathering data
d) state the problem

A possible explanation for a scientific problem is called
a) an experiment
b) a hypothesis
c) a theory
d) an observation

The last step in the scientific method is
a) conclusion
b) Data
c) theory
d) hypothesis

The step in the scientific method that deals with creating graphs and charts is
a) Hypothesis
b) Law
c) Data
d) Conclusion

A hypothesis is stated in what form
a) If ......, When.........
b) If..........., Then.............
c) Then............, When..........
d) Then.........., If........

Smith is the best teacher.
a) True
d) False

The part of the scientific method where you discuss set up is -
a) Conclusion
b) Experiment
c) hypothesis
d) Data

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