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Why is Romeo happy the first time we see him in Mantua?
a) He received news about the Friar's plan
b) He had a dream about Juliet
c) He got a letter from Juliet
d) His banishment had been lifted

What news does Balthasar bring Romeo?
a) Juliet married Paris
b) Juliet is dead
c) Mercutio is still alive
d) Benvolio has killed himself

What does Romeo plan to do after hearing the news from Balthasar?
a) kill himself in Juliet's tomb
b) Kill Paris
c) Stay in Mantua and hide forever
d) Return to Verona and wage war against the Capulets

Why didn't Friar John deliver the letter?
a) He felt it wasn't safe to leave Verona
b) He did not want to deceive Prince Escalus
c) He could not find Romeo in Mantua
d) He was stuck in a quarantine house

What does Friar Lawrence plan to do with Juliet?
a) Take her back to his cell
b) Give her to Paris
c) Return her to her parents
d) Deliver her to Mantua

Why does Paris fight Romeo?
a) He wants to avenge Tybalt's death
b) He has always hated the Montagues
c) He blames Romeo for Juliet's death
d) He was only defending himself from Romeo

What is the last thing Romeo does before he dies?
a) places a rose on Juliet's tomb
b) Kills Paris
c) kisses Juliet
d) prays

Why does Friar Lawrence leave Juliet alone in the tomb?
a) He is afraid of being discovered there
b) He goes to confess to the Capulets
c) He cannot bear to see Romeo's body
d) He goes to avenge the death of Romeo and Juliet

How does Juliet first try to kill herself?
a) by hanging herself
b) by slitting her wrists
c) by jumping from her tomb
d) by kissing Romeo's poisoned lips

How do the Capulets and Montagues react to the death of their children?
a) They agree to start a war
b) The agree to end the feud
c) They blame each other
d) They blame Friar Lawrence

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