Fashion Merchandising 6.02 - 6.03 Question Preview (ID: 16532)

Fashion Merchandising 6.02 - 6.03.

Old Navy inserts small brochures offering special merchandise to their charge customers into monthly credit card statements. This form of promotion is:
a) A bill enclosure.
b) Cooperative advertising.
c) Image advertising.
d) Packaging

Which promotional medium allows for only short, general messages but has the advantage of repetitive viewing?
a) Direct mail
b) Image advertising
c) Outdoor signage
d) Radio

What is the prime time for television advertising?
a) 5 a.m. until 10 a.m.
b) 5 p.m. until 10 p.m.
c) 8 a.m. until 11 a.m.
d) 8 p.m. until 11 p.m.

Which is a goal of institutional advertising?
a) Build long-term patronage by customers
b) Create a sense of urgency for a specific sale
c) Create product availability
d) Stimulate store traffic

Cindy created a display featuring a Christmas tree centered in the window. She placed mannequins on each side of the tree. This illustrates:
a) balance
b) color
c) shape
d) texture

Lydia was unsure what to buy her brother for his birthday. When she passed Holister, she noticed a leather jacket in the store window with a 20% off sign. This is an example of which type of display?
a) institutional
b) island
c) promotional
d) showcase

Leslie was shopping for back-to-school clothes. While in the mall, she noticed that the display windows of Abercrombie and Fitch were covered with American Red Cross posters. This is an example of which type of display?
a) island
b) institutional
c) point of purchase
d) promotional

Reebok places advertisements for their athletic shoes in Sports Illustrated. This is an example of:
a) cooperative advertsing
b) local advertising
c) national advertising
d) visual merchandising

Maybelline advertises its makeup products in Seventeen. This is an example of:
a) cooperative advertising
b) Product advertising.
c) Supplemental advertising.
d) Visual merchandising.

Most fashion advertisements are:
a) institutional
b) product
c) radio spots
d) supplemental

What form of fashion promotion can attract customer attention near merchandise by using sound and movement?
a) packaging
b) radio
c) signage
d) video

Belk created a display featuring a new line of holiday attire. This is an example of which type of interior display?
a) decorative
b) institutional
c) point of purchase
d) promotional

Which form of fashion advertising is relatively easy to produce, has quick turnaround time, and allows advertisers to be geographically selective?
a) cooperative
b) direct mail
c) newspaper
d) magazine

Which advertising medium is popular with consumers in homes, cars, and places of work, but has a short life and does not allow for visual impact?
a) direct mail
b) magazine
c) radio
d) TV

Which fashion advertising enables retailers to benefit from national circulation but generally requires professional preparation?
a) direct mail
b) radio
c) magazine
d) TV

A store’s visual merchandising helps the customer make a buying decision by:
a) Allowing customers to use their store credit card.
b) Emphasizing corporate policies on returns.
c) Motivating sales associates to work harder.
d) Presenting the merchandise in the most attractive way.

Dick's Sporting Goods uses foam board, tape, and wire to construct a display. Dick’s makes good use of:
a) fixtures
b) materials
c) props
d) signs

The Bass Pro Shop has a big display showing all the new fishing gear that has just arrived. Which type of display is it using?
a) educational
b) institutional
c) merchandising
d) promotional

Attracting attention to merchandise, educating customers about merchandise, and promoting store image are goals of:
a) Distribution.
b) Marketing/information management.
c) Product planning
d) Visual merchandising.

Which principle of design is illustrated in a display that uses a spotlight to focus customer attention on a bridal gown?
a) balance
b) emphasis
c) Proportion
d) Rhythm

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