Treaty Of Versailles, Russian Revolution, Great Depression Question Preview (ID: 16529)


Which of the following is responsible for overthrowing Czar Nicholas II?
a) Bolsheviks
b) Nazis
c) Communist Revolutionaries
d) Guerilla Fighters

In which country, did Czar Nicholas II rule?
a) Russia
b) Germany
c) Ukraine
d) Soviet Union

Which of the following people led the communist party in Russia and removed the czar?
a) Vladimir Lenin
b) Adolf Hitler
c) Joseph Stalin
d) Fidel Castro

Which of the following terms best describes a period when businesses and factories closed, and buying and selling almost stopped?
a) Worldwide Depression
b) stock market crash
c) Russian Revolution
d) Treaty of Versailles

What type of government did Czar Nicholas II have in Russia?
a) autocracy
b) democracy
c) oligarchy
d) republic

Who was the leader of the Nazi party in Germany?
a) Adolf Hitler
b) Vladimir Lenin
c) Wilhelm I
d) Woodrow Wilson

What happed to people who spoke out against Hitler in Germany?
a) Some were put in prison; others were murdered.
b) They were sent to Siberia.
c) They were put under house arrest.
d) Some were allowed to leave Germany; others were arrested.

1. Hitler promised to rebuild Germany's military 2. The Treaty of Versailles angered Germans 3. Hitler said he would get back Germany's lost land. ** Which statement explains what these sentences are about?
a) reasons why Hitler and the Nazis came to power in Germany
b) events that led to World War I
c) feelings Germans had about other countries
d) ways the German leaders tried to rebuild their country

What major event happened in 1917, during the Great War?
a) Russian Revolution
b) Treaty of Versailles
c) worldwide depression
d) rise of the Nazism

Which of the following punished Germany for WWI, stripped Germany of power, land, and military, and made Germany pay reparations?
a) Treaty of Versailles
b) Treaty of Paris
c) Treaty of London
d) Treaty of Barcelona

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