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The unit of measurement used by astronomers to express distance in space is called?
a) Miles
b) Years
c) Light Years
d) Kilometers

Galaxies are classified by their ....?
a) Brightness
b) Shape
c) Color
d) Size

A galaxy that is moving away from the Earth will show what color shift?
a) Blue
b) Yellow
c) Red
d) Green

By looking at the color of a star, astronomer can tell what about it?
a) Distance of the star
b) Temperature of the star
c) Location of the star
d) Shape of the star

What star is the closest to our Earth?
a) Alpha Centauri
b) Sirius
c) Polaris
d) The Sun

Which one is not a type of galaxy?
a) Spiral
b) Ellipitical
c) Irregular
d) Circular

What is not a characteristic of our Sun?
a) an orange star
b) medium sized star
c) located at the edge of a disc shaped galaxy of stars
d) many thousands of times closer to Earth than any other star

What type of galaxy is the Milky Way?
a) Circular
b) Ellipitical
c) Spiral
d) Irregular

Which is not a type of nebula?
a) reflection nebula
b) emission nebula
c) refraction nebula
d) planetary nebula

What type of star is or Sun?
a) White Dwarf
b) Blue Giant
c) Red Supergiant
d) Main Sequence Star

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