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Objective 8.3a/e.[print questions]

Which of the following is an example of a predator adaptation?
a) a porcupine's needles
b) a shark's powerful jaws
c) a frog's bright colors
d) a plant's poisonous chemicals

Organisms living interrestrial and aquatic environments have different adaptations. Which of the following BEST describes an adaptation to the aquatic environment?
a) Hard, woody stems on plants
b) Tiny openings in plant leaves that regulate the passage of water
c) A streamlined body that reduces friction while swimming
d) A rigid skeleton that provides support against gravity

Polar bears catch seals and walruses by waiting at holes in the Arctic ice for their prey to come up for air. Which organisms is MOST LIKELY to become extinct if global warning causes all the Arctic ice to melt?
a) polar bears
b) seals
c) walruses
d) ocean fish

Hibernation gives animals which of the following benefits?
a) protection from harsh weather
b) protection from dry weather
c) the ability to raise their young in safety
d) an opportunity to attract mates

Which term refers to the process by which individuals that are better adapted to their environment are most likely to survive and reproduce?
a) overproduction
b) competition
c) natural selection
d) variation

When a jellyfish paralyzes a tiny fish with its poisonous tentacles, the tiny fish is the
a) predator
b) prey
c) post
d) parasite

Which of the following eats consumer?
a) carnivore
b) herbivore
c) bacteria
d) fungi

The first organism in a food chain is always a
a) consumer
b) herbivore
c) carnivore
d) producer

If a kestrel eats a mouse that eats grass, the kestrel is a
a) producer
b) second-level consumer
c) first-level consumer
d) decomposer

Which of the following correctly shows the levels of ecological organization from SMALLEST to LARGEST?
a) population--communities--.ecosystems--biomes--biosphere
b) biosphere--.ecosystems--biomes--population--communities
c) ecosystems--populations--biosphere--communities--biomes
d) populations--biomes--communities--ecosystems--biosphere

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