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Breakdown of unstable isotopes into new element is
a) Radioactive decay
b) isotope makeover
c) Radiometric dating

Isotopes are
a) An elelements with equal number of protons and neutrons
b) elements with the same number of protons, but different number of neutrons
c) figments of our imagination

Absolute dating is...
a) Determining the exact age of rock layer or fossil
b) Guessing the age of rock layer or fossil
c) Dating as an adult

Missing rock layer in a geologic column is called...
a) Uncomformity
b) Superposition
c) Intrusion

In a geologic column...
a) oldest rock layers are at the top
b) rock layers grow where they want to
c) oldest rock layers are at the bottom

Comparing rock layers to determine age is called
a) Relative dating
b) geologic column
c) Answers 1 and 2

Paleontology is
a) The study of past life
b) the study of fossils
c) the study of past life and fossils

Uniforminatianism means
a) same geologic processes today have been at work throughout history
b) geologic changes occur suddenly
c) celebration where people around the world wear uniforms

Catatrophism means
a) Catatrophes happen every day
b) same geologic processes today have been at work throughout history
c) geological changes occur suddenly

Radiometric dating is determining absolute age of rock or fossil by ratio of parent to ratio of daughter
a) True
b) False

____________ is time it takes for 1/2 of radioactive sample to decay
a) half life
b) 50 years
c) full life

A fossil is the remains or evidence of an organism
a) True
b) False

Fossil - in rock means
a) hardened tree sap
b) trapped in sticky asphalt
c) hard parts are preserved easier

Fossil - in amber
a) hardened tree sap
b) well preserved in ice
c) hard parts preserved easier

Petrification occurs when pore space or tissue space fills with _______ and _________
a) water; softens
b) minerals; hardens

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