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This Quiz Includes Questions About The Virginia SOLs For USII.6a.[print questions]

Where was the first flight of an airplane?
a) Richmond, Virginia
b) Los Angeles, California
c) Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
d) Dayton, Ohio

Who used the assembly line concept to build cars?
a) Henry Ford
b) John D. Rockefeller
c) Andrew Carnegie
d) Cornelius Vanderbilt

All of the following are labor-saving products EXCEPT-
a) water pumps
b) washing machine
c) electric stove
d) radio

All of the following were communication changes in the early 20th century EXCEPT—
a) more telephones
b) television
c) radio broadcast industry
d) movies

Who invented the airplane?
a) Alexander Graham Bell
b) Guglielmo Marconi
c) Thomas Edison
d) Wilbur and Orville Wright

The reduced price of cars improved transportation and American life. Which of the following did NOT happen because of this improvement?
a) creation of jobs
b) suburban areas grew
c) greater mobility
d) demand for blacksmiths

As a result of the development of radio, the broadcast industry, and telephones, the life of Americans changed through—
a) growth of transportation
b) movement to suburban areas
c) better and faster communication
d) movement to rural areas

During the early twentieth century people gained greater mobility which led to –
a) an increase in jobs
b) railroad expansion
c) movement to suburban areas
d) urban population increases

Industrialization provided new access to consumer goods in the form of –
a) mail order catalog
b) goods from European immigrants
c) telephone ordering
d) continental mail service

Electric home appliances allowed Americans to--
a) have fewer belongings
b) have more free time
c) increase income
d) have larger families

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