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Performing computer analysis on satellite images of fields can tell farmers
a) the makeup of the soil in different fields.
b) which fields have more insects.
c) which fields have more food per plant.
d) the expected yield of each field.

The developing leaves of a fern are called
a) coils.
b) fronds.
c) spores.
d) fiddleheads.

Ferns can be classified as _________ plants.
a) seedless vascular
b) seedless nonvascular
c) rhizoid nonvascular
d) rhizoid vacuole

Which of the following is a vascular plant?
a) liverwort.
b) hornwort.
c) fern.
d) sphagnum moss.

Hornworts live on
a) moist soil.
b) the bark of trees.
c) moist rocks.
d) the root systems of grass plants.

In the sporophyte stage, plants produce:
a) sperm cells
b) spores
c) energy
d) food

Th function of a rhizoid is to
a) store food, water, and waste.
b) absorb water and nutrients from the soil
c) fertilize the egg
d) absorb light energy

The ______ of a leaf slows down evaporation
a) stem
b) zygote
c) cuticle
d) vascular tissur

A zygote is
a) a fertilized egg
b) a sperm cell
c) a sporophyte
d) a gamete

For plants to survive on land, they need all of the following, EXCEPT:
a) ways to retain water
b) ways to live in a moist environment
c) ways to transport food
d) ways to support their bodies

A waxy, waterproof layer called a(n) _____ covers the leaves of most plants.
a) fronds
b) vascular tissue
c) bog
d) cuticle

Some plants have a internal system of tubelike structures through which water and food move. This tissue is called
a) fronds
b) vascular tissue
c) bog
d) cuticle

Sphagnum moss grows in a wetland with still, acidic water called a(n)
a) fronds
b) vascular tissue
c) bog
d) cuticle

The uncurled leaves of a fern are called
a) fronds
b) vascular tissue
c) bog
d) cuticle

Growing plants in solutions of nutrients instead of soil is called
a) fertilization
b) gametophyte
c) hydroponics
d) sporophyte

__________ occurs when a sperm cell unites with an egg cell.
a) Fertilization
b) Gametophyte
c) Hydroponics
d) Sporophyte

A fertilized egg is called a(n)
a) zygote
b) gametophyte
c) hydroponics
d) sporophyte

Liverworts and hornworts are examples of _____________ plants.
a) hydroponics
b) nonvascular
c) vascular
d) bog

A fern is a(n)
a) fertilization
b) bog
c) heterotroph
d) autotroph

Ferns need to release their spores into ____ environments in order for reproduction to occur.
a) hot
b) moist
c) dry
d) cold

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