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point of view for narrative essay
a) first person
b) second person
c) third person
d) own person

falling action
a) characters fall into conflict
b) characters lead each other down from danger
c) plot pieces unravel the problem
d) plot falls to the ending of the story

a) story starts a new plot
b) story is resolved
c) story is semi-solved
d) story is beginning to solve the conflict

a) those that start the conflict
b) the one that guides the action
c) those that defend the conflict
d) the one that is conflicted

rising action
a) details about the protagonist
b) details about the antagonist
c) details about the problem
d) momentum in the characters

a) man vs the apes
b) man vs the spiders
c) man vs nature
d) nature vs man

a) the problem
b) the setting
c) the climax
d) solving the problem

a) the beginning of a story
b) the setting of the story
c) the conflict in the story
d) The main character of the story

not imagery
a) smelling the pot of soup
b) chirping birds
c) flash of lightening
d) Nascar Race

no an inciting event
a) starting a journey
b) beginning a plan
c) musing on the porch
d) being rudely interrupted

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