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Which is the possible path of movement of nitrogen?
a) soil-air-plants-air-animals-soil
b) soil-animals-plants-air-soil
c) air-animals-soil-plants-air
d) air-soil-plants-animals-soil-air

Carbon is removed from the atmosphere through
a) respiration
b) transpiration
c) digestion
d) photosynthesis

Burning of fossil fuels has the greatest impact on the
a) rock cycle
b) nitrogen cycle
c) carbon cycle
d) phosphorus cycle

Movement of nitrogen from the atmosphere to soil can be accomplished by
a) nitrogen fixing bacteria
b) fossil fuel burning
c) runoff from rocks
d) animal waste production

This process is responsible for excess nitrogen and phosphorus entering streams and oceans.
a) emission
b) runoff
c) decay
d) respiration

Which of the following is contributing to an overload of the carbon cycle?
a) deforestation
b) respiration
c) photosynthesis
d) all of the above

Which element below is contributing to the significant increase in global temperature
a) phosphporus
b) nitrogen
c) carbon
d) all of the above

The most abundant element in the atmosphere is
a) carbon
b) oxygen
c) phosphorus
d) nitrogen

Which of the following nutrients can be a limiting nutrient because it has to be removed from the atmosphere in placed into the soil by bacteria before plants can use it?
a) carbon
b) phosphorus
c) nitrogen
d) all of the above

Use of agricultural fertilizers adds excess _____ to ecosystems and can cause eutrophication of waters.
a) phosphorus
b) nitrogen
c) carbon
d) both phosphorus and nitrogen

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