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tags should be enclosed in:
a) angle brackets
b) parenthesis
c) colons
d) commas

which of the following indicates that a tag is closed?
a) /
b) \
c) ;
d) :

the commands in html are composed of _________, these are composed of ___________
a) elements, tags
b) tags, resources
c) tags, attributes
d) attributes, elements

this protocol identifier is used in common web displays
a) http
b) pop3
c) ftp
d) smtp

this protocol identifier is used in uploading or downloading files from servers
a) ftp
b) pop3
c) http
d) smtp

which of the following is in correct order?
a) protocol, resource, specific page
b) specific page, resource, protocol
c) protocol, specific page, resource
d) resource, protocol, specific page

www.homedepot.com. if no other information is listed after this url, which page of the website will it be directed to?
a) index.html
b) homedepot.com
c) the resource page
d) customer service page

what part of the url would www.speaker.com be
a) resource name
b) protocol identifier
c) extra information
d) specific page

the protocol identifier and the ______________ are separated by ://
a) resource name
b) extra information
c) web page
d) tag element

what is the name of the organization that came up with a standard of web code?
a) w3c
b) wcc
c) www
d) interpol

what is the goal of the world wide web consortium
a) web interoperability
b) coding
c) every capable person to have internet access
d) html usage

early versions of html were very interactive
a) false
b) true

__________ are commands that alter the look of a tag
a) attributes
b) formats
c) elements
d) tag calls

web sites can be coded using Microsoft notepad
a) true
b) false
c) maybe
d) doubt it

the code of all html pages begins with____________
a) v html v
b) v tag v
c) v attribute v
d) v tag = attribute v

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