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Lucy loves to sit around and watch bacteria reproduce. What is the name of this type of asexual reproduction:
a) fission
b) regeneration
c) budding
d) fusion

Amanda and Elizabeth are in science fair this year. What are the correct steps, in order, to their project:
a) problem, gather info, hypothesis, experiment, analyze data, draw conclusion
b) hypothesis, problem, gather info, experiment, analyze data, draw conclusion
c) draw a conclusion, state problem, hypothesis, gather data, experiment, analyze data
d) problem, hypothesis, gather info, experiment, analyze data, draw conclusion

Lorena loves to water and take care of the plants in the class. She wants to know how they make food through photosynthesis. What 2 things do they make when they photosynthesize?
a) carbon dioxide and water
b) sugar and oxygen
c) salt and oxygen
d) salt and sugar

Shadle needs to explain to Nick the difference in asexual and sexual reproduction. What should he tell him?
a) Sexual produces only one offspring, asexual produces many offspring
b) asexual produces only one offspring, sexual produces many offspring
c) asexual requires two parent organisms, sexual requires one parent organism
d) Sexual requires two parents, asexual requires only one parent organism

Arturo claims he is so strong he is like a "power house" releasing energy in the cell. Which organelle is he claiming to be like:
a) mitochondria
b) cell wall
c) cell membrane
d) golgi complex

Briana Landrum has a twin. This is alot like _________because you start with a parent cell and end up with two identical cells.
a) meiosis
b) centrioles
c) mitosis
d) spindle fiber

Albin and Juan always want to work together. A group of cells that work together to do a job is called:
a) organ
b) organ system
c) organism
d) tissue

Dalton and Trevor also like to work together in lab. When a group of tissues work together you get a/an __________
a) organ
b) organ system
c) organism
d) bigger tissue

Troy wants to know what the process is called when the egg and the sperm join to form a zygote but he is afraid to ask, what should we tell Troy:
a) exocytosis
b) endocytosis
c) fertilization
d) polygenesis

Most of Josh's cells are diploid. Which one of his cells are haploid?
a) blood cells
b) skin cells
c) sperm cells
d) muscle cells

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