Editing Your Paper Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 16490)

Word Ch 3 And 5.

Which of the following is the reference style commonly used at Sunrise?
a) MLA
b) APA
c) Chicago
d) Turabian

a footnote is found at the end of the document
a) false
b) true
c) maybe
d) possibly

an endnote is found at the end of the document
a) true
b) false
c) maybe
d) you're joking

a ______ is a set of rules used to display references in a bibliography
a) reference style
b) citation
c) documentation style
d) paragraph template

footnotes and endnotes are inserted using which tab?
a) references
b) insert
c) page layout
d) view

these provide the reader with further information on a topic
a) footnotes
b) references
c) works cited
d) character effects

table of contents is inserted using which tab?
a) references
b) page layout
c) insert
d) home

which option do you choose to add an item to your table of contents after the table has already been created
a) update table
b) add item
c) page changer
d) table break

text has to be _______ to be added to a table of contents
a) formatted in a heading style
b) indented
c) updated
d) copied with format painter

a _____ lists the topics and associated page numbers so your reader can easily locate information
a) table of contents
b) diagram
c) index
d) works cited

which of the following is used to give credit to a source of information?
a) citation
b) source
c) table of contents
d) index

you are typing your paper and use information from a source. What do you do?
a) insert a citation
b) insert a table of contents
c) insert a works cited
d) move source from current to master list

a source needs to be in the _____ if you want to cite it in your paper
a) current list
b) master list
c) table of contents
d) references group

Which of the following information is NOT asked for when creating a source
a) Reference style
b) Type of source
c) Publisher
d) Author

A bibliography is most similar to a ______
a) works cited page
b) table of contents
c) index
d) citation

there is a button under the references tab called Works Cited
a) false
b) true

Before creating an index you should mark entries for it
a) true
b) false

The create index button is located on the insert tab
a) false
b) true

Works cited appear at the ______ of a document while Table of contents appear at the ________
a) end; beginning
b) beginning;end
c) end;end
d) beginning;beginning

What is the tab, group, and button for inserting an index into your doc?
a) references,index,insert index
b) page layout, index, mark entry
c) references, citations and bibliography, insert index
d) view, index, mark entry

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